Errant Bodies project space is dedicated to experimental work in sound, performance, voice and spatial practices. Through residencies, workshops, events and exhibitions, Errant Bodies emphasizes an engagement with process and dialogue, encouraging a dynamic and diverse approach to the sound arts. As a project space, it also intends to foster social and public activities, contributing to the creative scene in Berlin. It is organized and developed through its working group comprised of Berlin-based sound artists and researchers.



two days of exhibition and concerts

Thursday, June 4, 2015
exhibition of graphic and photographic works by Michael Vorfeld
concert with:
Christian Wolfarth, solo – cymbals
Michael Vorfeld, solo – percussion and projection

opening of the exhibition: 19h, concerts: 20:30h

Friday, June 5, 2015
exhibition of graphic and photographic works by Michael Vorfeld
VORWOLF, a duo concert with:
Christian Wolfarth – cymbals, Michael Vorfeld – percussion

exhibition open from 15h on, concert: 20:30h

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstr. 97
10435 Berlin

Michael Vorfeld has been working intensively with the photographic medium since the 1970’s. The graphic and photographic works shown in this exhibition were all realized with a large size analogue camera. The images provide a finely nuanced and filigree view into an unconventional, independent, and individually formed world within contemporary percussion music.
In their very sound oriented work, the two percussionists Michael Vorfeld and Christian Wolfarth create music that transcends the boundaries of improvised and composed music, as well as those between instrumental and electro acoustic music, showing the influence of electronic music on contemporary musicians. By using unconventional playing methods and individually arranged set-ups of percussion instruments these two drummers create polyrhythmic structures and textures as well as soundscapes full of overtones, leading to a unique and distinctive world of sound; pure acoustic music, absolutely live!

Michael Vorfeld (Berlin), musician and visual artist plays percussion and self designed string instruments and realises electro-acoustic sound pieces. He works in the field of experimental, improvised music and sound art. Michael Vorfeld creates installations and performances with light and sound, works with photography and film.

Christian Wolfarth (Zurich) works as a drummer at the interface of improvised music, electro-acoustic sound art and Jazz. Besides his frequent solo activities he is a member of numerous ensembles. He regularly works with dancers, for theatre, movies and videos.


Grafters’ Quarterly Issue No.3 – Social Thing Person

Celebration launch: Grafters’ Quarterly Issue No.3 – Social Thing Person
with a presentation by the editors

Saturday, May 23rd - 19:00h

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

The third issue of Grafters’ Quarterly, Social Thing Person, revolves around the axis of fetishism, particularly binding together conceptions of the spiritual and commodity fetish. The term is traced through its varying usages and its now seemingly inherent prejudices - prejudices also present in Marx’s usage of ‘fetishism’ when expressing the power commodities hold over consumers (who in turn deny such bewitchment). Contributors to this issue have tackled the subject both by commenting upon and enacting within configurations of the powerful ‘social things’ in which they find themselves enmeshed.

In this issue we are excited to be able to offer forward newly-commisioned contributions from John Cussans, Maria Fusco, Dominique Hurth, Emil Keller Skousen, and Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, aside reprinted material by Aanka Batta & Steffen Böhm, Ferrante Imperator, Michel Leiris, Gertrude Stein, and Valerio Valeri.


Grafters’ Quarterly is an English-language newspaper shaping a forum for engaged attitudes and was formed to address the renewal of theorising as an activity of initial discovery by addressing what we perceive to be a lack of rigorous, considered activity adjacent to what is often contemptuously partitioned as ‘theory’. Concerned by this attitude, one particularly prevalent in art, Grafters’ Quarterly is a space in which participants from differing fields can develop their writing and ideas rigorously without the stylistic restrictions of academia.

Historically, newspapers have acted as congregators of social conscience, proliferating a vocabulary for current events. We feel it is still a forum with which such sympathy can be practiced through a consideration of the coalesced perspectives and activities of focussed and engaged contributors, the newspaper being open to others without dictating a hyper-rapid mode of address and information relay, but by insisting on a sense of urgency, believing in the persistence of what is presented.

Founded and edited by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim & Johnny Herbert.

Supported by Arts Council Norway and Bergen Municipality.


kein sound ist illegal - Georg Klein

no sound is illegal – kein sound ist illegal
Sound installation by – Klanginstallation von Georg Klein

Opening – Eröffnung / May 10th, 19:00
Exhibition – Ausstellung / May 11th - May 17th, 2015
14:00 - 18:00 daily – täglich

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

kein sound ist illegal is part of the 4th block in the Voice Observatory: The Collective Voice

Wie erreichen wir die Anderen? Wie verschaffen wir uns Gehör ? Jede sozio-politische Bewegung stellt sich diese Fragen, entwickelt verschiedene Strategien – ob zur Wende ’89, im arabischen Frühling oder in Griechenland.
Die interaktive Installation spielt mit dieser Frage, dem Herstellen von Kontakt, dem Verhältnis von Innen und Aussen, von Aktivem und Passiven. Der öffentliche wie private Raum wird in einer Schaufensterkonstellation gegenseitig zur Bühne und es entstehen visuelle wie akustische Berührungen in einem politischen Textfeld.

no sound is illegal
How do we reach the others? How do we get into someone’s ear ? Every socio-political movement deals with these questions, and develops different strategies – whether we are talking about the fall of Berlin’s wall, the Arab Spring or in the protests in Greece.
This interactive installation brings forth these questions: how contacts are made, how the relation between inside and outside, active and passive is built. Public and private space will get give a stage to each other in a shop-window constellation, producing visual and acoustic touchs in the political texture.


We are at that bar

Come join us for a fabulous one day art event:
We are at that bar

With sound, video, sculpture, performance and textiles. Produced by artists from The Bergen Art Academy as part of Haptic Matters - sensing beyond the sensible, or walking DanzigerStr. with Lefebvre.

Friday, May 1st / 16.00 - 20:00h

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin


Joel Danielsson
Ingrid Skåland Eriksen
Renate Synne Handal
Ingeborg Wie Henriksen
Christina René
Per Erik Larsen
Eva Mendez
Esben Holk
Hedda Grevle Ottesen
Åsne Tunheim
Siri Frances Wachtelius Wibell
Louise Öhman
Iris Brinkborg